Photographer Ferry Nielsen , born in Vienna , lives and works in Vienna.

His work focuses on authenticity and aesthetic.

Nielsen photographs for international magazines, with clients including

Stern , Vogue Italia , Woman , Presse Schaufenster , 1st.Magazin , Active Beauty.

His photographs have been shown in solo and group exhibitions.


Schwarzkopf, DM, GE, BP, OMV, Erste Bank, Hypo Bank, Raifeisen Capital, Jacobs, Baileys.


Saatchi & Saatchi, Publicis, Mc Cann , DDB.


Wendy & Jim , Schella Kann , Lena Hoschek , Thomas Kirchgrabner , Grunge Disco , Christian Seibold , Agent Provocateur .


Lang Lang, Vladimir Malakhov , Christiane Hörbiger, 

Nicholas Ofczarek , Hermann Nitsch , Stermann & Grissemann , Irene Andessner,

Wolfgang Böck , Hilde Dalik, Sergio Flores , Daniela Fally , Alf Poier , Lucia Castello,

Thomas Kirchgrabner , Piano Duo Kutrowatz , Sonja Kirchberger , Toni Stricker,

Hermes Phettberg, Dr. Ostbahn, Lukas Resetarits, Severin Gröbner, Ottfried Fischer,

Bettina Mönch, Adam Fischer,Alexander Pschill, Julia Cencig, Michael Köhlmeier, Gerald Matt…

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